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Questions About Our AuctionFinal??
Want To Know How To Use It?

We have compiled a list of FAQ's that should be useful for buyers wanting to save on eBay!

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What does do? is a free web based tool for use with eBay Auction Sites worldwide. It allows the user the ability to quickly locate those auction lots that are closing (within a user selected time scale) with no bids. All auctions will be closing within a maximum of one hour and all the lots displayed will have no bids. You can also choose to further filter the results by searching for lots under a certain price.

Do I have to download any software?

No - is a web based tool run from your browser and no downloads are required. No installation to bother with - run it on any pc, anywhere!

Do I have to set a Maximum Price?

No - Only enter a maximum price if you want to. If nothing is entered then all lots will be displayed!

Can I search by Category?

Yes - Either choose to search for all closing lots or specifically within a listed category.

Can I search for 1/$1 auction listings?

Yes - Simply enter 1.00 into the Maximum Price box. In fact you can set this to be any price you want so that you can find even more of the overlooked bargains at the very best prices!

Can I find real auction bargains?

Yes - Most certainly! Thousands of auctions are listed daily and it's easy to miss those that are closing. This tool simply & quickly filters out all the lots that are not closing and then shows only those that have no bids! No bids means no competition and no bidding war! Pinpoint the closing lots and bid at the last possible second - even better than sniping! This tool really is your final call for auction bargains.

What country specific eBay sites does it work with?

It works with the following country sites: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, India, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland. We would also like to welcome on-board eBay Ireland a new site addition to our tools.

Do I have to be registered on eBay to bid?

Yes - You have to be registered on eBay to bid. Please Click Here then select your country to register for free!.

Is Free to use?

Yes - AuctionFinal is completely Free to use.

Do you know of any other Free Auction Tools?

Yes - You can find a wide range of free tools on a list we have put together. Please Click Here to view everything from free auction sniping, free image hosting, free auction misspelling tools, free auction templates and much more...

How can we help

If you have found to be helpful then please feel free to spread the word by telling others about us. We have been providing free tools for the auction community for over five years and have grown by word of mouth. Please note though that we don't condone spamming in any form. Please also review our other free tools mentioned above - they may just save you even more cash!

Quickly search thousands of last minute auctions for items listed at 1/$1 in fact any price YOU choose!
Find thousands of closing eBay auction lots with no bids! Free Auction Tool to save YOU money!

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